"Our engineers of the future" - Nine News

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"This may look like any old LEGO... but it is in fact the future" - Victor Dominello MP

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Recently I visited Creator Academy in Eastwood where kids are changing the world - one brick at a time - with the power of robotics and technology 🤖💡

Victor Dominello, MP

Garry and the team at Creator Academy are brilliant - out of the box thinking, creating and implementing and our kids love every class. Read more.

Thomas, parent of Beginner Robotics student

I would like to thank Garry and his team for their professional and dedicated work towards children. All the educators at Creator Academy are very friendly, patient and professional. Read more.

Miwa, parent of Advanced Robotics student

My son love every bits of it. Thanks for creating such exciting class for kids. Read more.

Cindy, parent of Simple Machines student

I highly recommend to send your child to this college. The staff are professional. Very helpful & friendly. They helped my daughter to feel comfortable going to the classes .
Im extremely happy. Read more.

Deb, parent of Advanced Robotics student

You guys amazing! My son enjoys coming here every Sunday and learning so many things! Thank you for attention and care in his education!! ❤❤❤❤

Read more.

Diane, parent of Advanced Robotics student

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