Victor Dominello MP visits Creator Academy

We had a special visit from Victor Dominello MP at our Eastwood learning centre today! Our local member of parliament got to see some robotics demonstrations by our enthusiastic students and had a tour of our tournament training area.

The girls from our FLL and FLL Junior teams talked about their achievements in First LEGO League and how LEGO robotics has enhanced their understanding of science.

This is what Victor had to say:

"This may look like any old LEGO... but it is in fact the future 

Recently I visited Creator Academy in Eastwood where kids are changing the world - one brick at a time - with the power of robotics and technology

They’re making Ferris wheels, walking animals and even rockets 

This is the start of something that will transform our world for the better - this generation of students are fully locked in to the digital world - and using their minds to create the jobs of tomorrow 

The young students learning to code today will be part of a movement that will see AI enhance our lives in ways we are yet to image - and perhaps bring us closer to new planets and universes 

Creator Academy is also a Creative Kids provider making it even easier to get children involved - brava Garry Law for bringing the future to now."


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