New Partnership with Moore Educational

Creator Academy is excited to announce that Moore Educational has signed on to become Creator Academy’s preferred supplier for LEGO® Education products.

With over 20 years’ experience as an authorized partner of LEGO® Education, Moore Educational is an ideal sponsor for helping our students get access to the latest in LEGO® Education equipment and supplies.

Moore Educational’s consistent effort to invest in kids’ education will give our students better access to some of the world’s leading education products. Garry Law, educator at Creator Academy said he was delighted by the new partnership.

“Since Creator Academy first started teaching with LEGO® Education products, we have been wonderfully supported by the experts at Moore Educational. They really are our LEGO® experts and this partnership will help give our students access to the latest products and curricula.”

In addition to this, Creator Academy will be Moore Educational’s recommended provider for advanced Python programming training. Python is a typed coding language featured in LEGO® Education’s SPIKE™ Prime robotics platform.

Libby from Moore Educational says: “Moore Educational is proud to support Creator Academy in its passion to provide activities for children in machine learning and coding. Garry's enthusiasm is demonstrated in his commitment to provide students with essential skills for lifelong learning in the 21st century through his classes and involvement in competitions such as FIRST® LEGO® League .”

Be sure to check out new LEGO® content featuring Moore Educational at Creator Academy’s Youtube channel in the near future!

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