Competition Teams

Creator Academy selects students for competition teams at various times throughout the year.

Joining a competition team for Creator Academy gives students a unique opportunity to engage with real-world experts from our professional supporters network, including Transport for NSW, Virgin Australia, University of NSW Solar Racing Team, National Acoustics Laboratory and Preston Hire.

Creator Academy has a proud history of competition at a regional, national and international level.

Selection Requirements

Competition team selections are done by coaches, and requires the student to have at minimum:

  • participated in an equivalent of 4 terms in Creator Academy classes.
  • demonstrated high level of sportsmanship and respect for others
  • demonstrated above-average technical and communication ability

Students in a CA team are not permitted to join other teams for the same competition (for example, their school team.)

Team placement decisions by the coach are final, and not guaranteed.

    Available competitions

    Students who meet the above criteria may be selected for the following competitions:

    • Simple Machines: FLL Discover
    • Junior Robotics: FLL Explore, Robocup Junior Australia
    • Scratch Coding: FLL Explore, Robocup Junior Australia
    • Intermediate Robotics: Robocup Junior Australia, FLL Challenge
    • Advanced Robotics: Robocup Junior Australia, FLL Challenge
    • Python Coding: WAICY, FLL Challenge
    • AI and Machine Learning: WAICY, FLL Challenge

    Participation in a competition may require a learning plan over several terms or years. If you are interested in participating in FIRST LEGO League for Creator Academy, please contact us as soon as possible.