CA Wins National VEX Tournament - Heading to USA in 2023

***UPDATE: two additional teams invited to USA from wildcard selections***

We are going to America! Congratulations to CA team 93131A Mecha Magpies for their nail-biting teamwork finals at the VEX Robotics Australia VIQC National Championships today. Their win qualifies the team to compete in the World Championships in the USA in 2023!

In VRC, team 27272A Phoenix Tech drew all eyes at Sydney Olympic Park going lossless for most of the tournament before being defeated in the final match to come 2nd place in the country. However, because of their high ranking Robot Skills score, they too have been invited to the World Championships as a wildcard selection!

Finally, team 93131M scored fourth place in a tightly contested Elementary School section. All the hard work paid off in the end and the young students also received a wildcard selection for the World Championships next year. What a weekend!

Big congratulations to all the CA teams who competed in the national championships, you have done us proud!

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