Students chat to Australian swimming star: Elka Whalan

This season, our FLL students had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Elka Whalan as part of their research into the lifestyle of professional athletes.

Elka Whalan is a hugely successful Australian athlete, specialising in swimming freestyle. In 2003, she won gold in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m at the World Championships, the only woman ever to do so.

She is a dual-Olympian, meaning that she has been to two different Olympic Games and she has been to many other sporting events as well like the World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

In her swimming career, Elka has reached #1 in her swimming events, and now she is a regular personality on Channel 7 Sunrise as well as the founder of Queenhood which celebrates the achievement of women.

We look forward to sharing more from our students' research projects in the near future!

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  • Are they doing it in Nigeria


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