Student spotlight: Minami

Congratulations to Minami, project leader of FLL team Blue Futurology, who has been awarded a high school STEM scholarship in recognition for the significant impact she has made in robotics.

Blue Futurology students worked for 3 months not only to design a robot for the FLL tournament, but they also developed a real-world invention called T-MOS (Tree Maintenance Online Sensor) as part of the FIRST LEGO League innovation project challenge.

By using sensors attached to street signs, T-MOS is able to detect when a sign becomes obstructed by growing trees, and send a timely email to the council to plan maintenance work.

In addition to qualifying for the national tournament, the team receives the Sydney regional Innovative Solution Award trophy, and an Innovation Award Certificate from the Ryde City Council.

Well done to all team members for their proud achievement this season, and all the best to Minami for starting high school next year!

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  • Good job Minami! :))

    Emily Y

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