Student Achievement: Marcus

Today we asked one of our robotics team member Marcus to describe his experience doing competition work at Creator Academy.

Marcus first participated in FLL Junior in 2018 for the Mission Moon season. He has since qualified for the National Championships in FLL Challenge 2019 for City Shaper and won 1st place in the Asia-Australia region in CoderZ 2021.

What kind of skills did you learn while training for competitions at CA?
While training for competitions at CA we had to learn teamwork and how to code and build cool robots. I feel like gaining and refining skills are an important part of competing and robotics and it is something that is done really well here at CA.

What does it feel like to be regional champion for CoderZ?

I feel like competitions like CoderZ help build up reputation or status so if you do enough maybe you can achieve something great. 

What is your favourite competition moment at CA?
My favourite competition by far is the FLL competition. It is an educational, friendly and most importantly fun competition to take part in. In FLL it helps you build your teamwork skills and robotics skills by splitting the point scoring system into sections each focused on different skills. The part that I like best is their motto or slogan: "gracious professionalism", it means high-quality work, emphasising the value of others, and respecting individuals and the community.

We continue to wish Marcus the best of luck in his STEAM education endeavours!

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