Oxford University Computing Challenge Qualifiers

A big congratulations to the CA robotics students who have qualified for the Oxford University Computing Challenge Round 2 exam!

From the OUCC site:

The Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) builds on the principles used in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) and helps students develop their skills further to produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems. They will tackle problems using the Blockly programming language, as well the programming languages available at their schools for secondary levels.

The OUCC is a two-round online competition held in term 2 and it’s perfect for students who have previously done well in the CAT and those who’d like to progress to the Australian Informatics Olympiad (AIO).

Each round consists of three sections. The first two sections are of five tasks each and the last is of two tasks, with the complexity increasing with each section. Students have one hour to complete all tasks within sections one and two and attempt the tasks in section three.

Only the top 20 students in each division from Australia and New Zealand are invited to the second round exam, so everyone at CA is thrilled to see five of our students meet this high standard.

Special thanks to all the students and families who found time after school to study and participate in the OUCC! It is your efforts that encourage kids to be passionate about technology. 

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