Meet Kai Cheng, Our Master of 3D Design Engineering

Kai Cheng is a highly experienced design engineer and 3D printing specialist, with over 15 years of experience in the field. He holds a Master of Design by Research and has worked as a lead design engineer on a variety of projects throughout his career. In addition to his professional experience, Cheng has also taught 3D printing and design at high education and health sector institutions, bringing his expertise to the next generation of designers and engineers.

Cheng is also passionate about giving back to his community and has volunteered his time and expertise in various school STEM programs, helping to inspire and mentor the next generation of scientists and engineers. With his extensive experience and dedication to education and community service, Kai Cheng is a highly respected figure in the world of design and 3D printing.

In addition to his impressive professional and teaching experience, Kai Cheng has also made significant contributions to the field of 3D printing through his research and publications. He has been involved in over 20+ publications on 3D printing applications, sharing his expertise and insights with others in the industry. Cheng's research has helped to advance the field of 3D printing, exploring new applications and possibilities for this exciting technology.

Check out Kai Cheng's 3D Design Engineering class here:

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