Huawei CTO Presents: 5G, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Huawei Technologies is a global leader of 5G technologies, thanks to the work of Doctor David Soldani, the Chief Technology Officer of Huawei South Pacific Region, and holder of a number of 5G related patents.

Huawei Technologies and Dr. Soldani generously offered to conduct a 5G, Smart Cities and the Internet of Things workshop for Creator Academy's FLL and FLL Junior teams at the Huawei Innovation and Training Centre today.

Topics ranged from smart cities and automated traffic to remote surgery, artificial intelligence and the endless possibilities in the near future.

"(For young students who want to work in technology)
It is very important to understand mathematics.
Only through using mathematics can you make models.
The second most important thing is programming.
Finally, you need great communication. Because if you do not know how to communicate well, then you cannot communicate to machines." - Dr. David Soldani

Students engaged in energetic discussions with Dr. Soldani after the workshop and grasped at the rare opportunity that they had in the presence of such remarkable talent. We look forward to see how the student projects are enriched by this experience in the coming weeks!

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