Full STEAM Ahead

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In a world where science and technology is headlined by Artificial Intelligence, automation and smart devices, it is worth remembering that much of humanity and culture is defined by the arts accumulated over centuries of history.
Today we take a look at some classes over the last couple of weeks that put the 'A' in STEAM education.


History of Racing.

Since classical history, humans have been obsessed with racing as a sport. Whether it was the Olympics in ancient Greece, chariots in Rome or the Grand Prix in Melbourne, humans have been passionate about testing the limits of both man and machine.
In our own Speed module, students not only learn about the mechanics of fast machines; they are also encouraged to think critically about why humans like to race, and learn about the history of cars.


The Mechanics of a Carnival Ride.

Nothing demonstrates the intersection of human ingenuity and artistic culture quite like a carnival ride. From rollercoasters and ferris wheels to swings and see-saws, human engineers have come up with many ways to entertain and excite ourselves.
In Simple Machines, we incorporate our natural curiosity of rides by building pulley and gear-driven carousels for LEGO characters to ride


Electronic Music Robot.

Music and song is at the heart of all cultures. Sometimes it can be easy to take music for granted in a fully connected society where most people can play music on demand.
In much of human history, recording devices didn't exist and music could only be enjoyed live and in close proximity to the artist. 
In our Advanced Robotics classes, we attempt to synthesise music through the built-in speakers of the robots and use sensors to 'play' music on the go. Expect musical favourites like "Baby Shark", "The Duck Song", and "Crazy Frog" ringing through our classrooms.

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