First LEGO League Asia Pacific Open Championships

Creator Academy staff helped judge at the Asia Pacific Open Championships this year, and witnessed an inspiring collection of world-class teams from over 60 different countries coming together for their love of science and robotics.

One of the standout features this year was the immense quality of the team projects.

Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (or "Supercal" for short) from India built a working solenoid activated by UV radiation to create a magnetic barrier against harmful radiation - what an effort!

Team Light Side Robotics from Japan, built a working prototype for a grappling arm for use in space when bulky space suits are unwieldy, inspired by the anime "Doraemon."

The level of competition throughout the event truly brought the best of the best from the 60+ countries in attendance but of course there was only one grand champion.

Congratulations to team SAP Rocket from Germany for taking out the top prize!

Looking forward to FLL City Shaper 2019!


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