Creator Academy team SPACE PEACHES reaches the National Tournament

Congratulations to our SECOND team to reach the National Championships, SPACE PEACHES who have qualified at the Macquarie Park regional tournament today!

While overcoming multiple setbacks and technical challenges on the day, students were able to rally behind each other and soldier on through sheer will and determination.

The Space Peaches showcased a robot full of character, taking out the Innovation and Strategy Award in addition to coming 3rd in the robot performance score.
Their science project involved making the Virgin domestic airport terminal a more efficient and customer-friendly place to navigate.

A huge thanks to VA Pilot Jonathan Mar and the staff at Virgin Australia as well as the Transport Nsw - Transport Management Centre and Project Bucephalus Robotics - FLL and FRC for your expertise in guiding this team!

We look forward to seeing both Space Peaches and Blue Futurology in the National Championships Tournament next month!

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  • the ending ceremony was very nerve-wracking


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