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Today we explore some of the latest projects by both students and teachers from Creator Academy. 
Don't forget that term 2 enrolments are now open. 
The Weekend Robotics class in Chatswood afternoons are already completely booked out, but we have opened up more classes in the mornings.
In addition, Parents and Toddlers classes are back and better than ever before! These fun classes teach both parents and their 3-5 year old children about basic numeracy and problem solving skills.

Robot Arm modifications.

Our EV3 students built a complex robot arm model using EV3 Mindstorms, but they did not stop there!
We took a deep dive into the coding solutions to understand concepts like functions, robot initialisation and switch logic.
Some students went even further by customising the robots with additional sensors to make the robots play games and fulfil extra tasks. See the video here.

Pie-Cooling Robot, a Creator Academy invention

To celebrate Pi Day, staff at Creator Academy created PI3-BOT, designed solely to cool your burning-hot pies to eating temperature.
Never burn your tongue again!
Watch in awe (and shock to some) as the robot stabs its thermometer through the pie pastry to sense its current temperature, and activate the fan to cool the pie (whilst blowing tasty pie aroma around the room of course.)
See the video of PI3-BOT in action!

Student App Project "Mad Laboratory Matcher"

Before he started Creator Academy, Garry had been building apps for over 11 years including the Webby Award - winning Sound Storm. 
Now, he is sharing his love for games and animation with students across Sydney. 
We are proud to help launch the latest student-made project, Mad Laboratory Matcher onto the Google Play store.
Mad Laboratory Matcher is a classic puzzle game with a scientific twist - be careful for what lies beyond the next door of this space-lab!
If you have an Android phone, you can download and play the game here.

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