CA Wins 2nd Place at National Championships

Creator Academy lives up to its name at the Australian National Championships by winning multiple awards including two Create Awards!
In total, EIGHT CA teams flew to Adelaide to contest the National Championship for New South Wales:
  • 27272A Phoenix Tech (VRC Middle School)
  • 27272S Emu Skeletrons (VRC Middle School)
  • 27272X Mexha Magpies (VRC Middle School)
  • 93131B Expired Cheese (VIQRC Middle School)
  • 93131C Tiny Heatwave (VIQRC Middle School)
  • 93131G Pyromania (VIQRC Middle School)
  • 93131M Dingo Ruse (VIQRC Middle School)
  • 93131X Fall Damage (VIQRC Elementary School)
The Create Award is presented to the team whose robot design incorporates a creative engineering solution to the challenges of this year’s robot game. These teams demonstrate a highly creative design process that incorporates solid mechanical ability, unique design solutions, and innovative approaches to the game play.
Congratulations to 93131X and 27272A for winning the Create Award and 93131M for winning the Think Award.
Finally, special congratulations to 27272A Phoenix Tech for their outstanding alliance with The King's School Delta, achieving 2nd 🥈 place in the VRC Middle School tournament!

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