32 Aussie Students Reach Global ICode Hackathon

The wait is finally over!

Throughout the year, CA students participating in the ICode Hackathon were challenged by deceptively simple coding missions to guide the fictional astronaut 'Dev' to return home after crashing his spaceship.

These missions culminated in a series of online timed events that required students to write effective programs to solve a multitude of navigation exercises.

As the Australian Partner of ICode, Creator Academy is proud to help deliver this awesome experience for students around the country.

Each hackathon, from the regional, state and national competitions allowed only the top 10% of students to advance until the final Global Finals event last weekend where a whopping 32 Creator Academy Students coded furiously past their bedtimes at 11:30pm due to timezone differences.

Faced with incredible competition from competitors around the world, our Australian cohort's top rank is 60 out of 800 participants, what an achievement!

We look forward to bringing more ICode Hackathon action to Aussies in 2023!

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