School Visits

Creator Academy offers Primary and Secondary school workshops to bring the joy of robotics into your classrooms.

50% off First Booking

The best part is that the first incursion or workshop for your school is half price, so there's no reason not to give it a go!

Simply pre-book two separate workshops with us and you will only pay half price on the cheaper one.

In addition to offering students the same engaging curricula as our education centres, we have also developed unique curricula especially made for school in-cursions such as Animatronic Australia which examines the adaptations of Australian wildlife.

We also have training workshops and solutions for science teachers. If you have an existing STEM program, we can help cater for your specific needs. If you don't have a STEM program we can help your school set it up from scratch

How can I get Creator Academy to visit my school?

Teachers and school administrators:

Would you like us to give your students some workshops, or provide training for your teachers? Are you about to enter a robotics competition and need coaching? Simply tell us your requirements and request a free consultation from the contact us page. 


The best way to encourage your school to bring our STEM programs into the classroom is to gather some interest from school friends and families, then writing an email to your school's science teacher together to tell them about Creator Academy and our half price introductory workshops.