Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I redeem my Creative Kids voucher? 
    See instructions at the end of this page
  • What if I miss a class?
    If you are unable to attend a class, you can contact us to find an alternative time/location for the make-up class (subject to availability). If no alternative times are suitable, then we can organise a paid make-up class. No refunds are given for missed classes.
  • I made a payment electronically, when will it take effect?
    Paypal and credit card payments will be received and processed within minutes, and you will receive a confirmation receipt email. If you pay via bank deposit, please allow 3-5 working days for the payment to arrive. You can send us a transfer receipt to indicate payment incoming, but payments take effect only when we receive successful non-cancelled, non-refunded payment on our system.
  • Can my child work alone in class?
    There are opportunities for students to work alone for some activities, but the majority of Creator Academy classes require students to work in pairs or small groups. Coding and robotics is a communication exercise, and students are encouraged to work with others collaboratively.
  • Can parents and/or family members accompany students?
    One parent or guardian can accompany students on their first couple of classes if they can provide a valid Working With Children Check. Please notify us prior to attending class. Parents without a WWCC can watch the class from outside the classroom for the first couple of sessions.
  • Do I need to bring any computer or robotics equipment?
    All equipment is provided by Creator Academy in class unless specified in the booking page. Students are welcome to bring their own robotics equipment, USB storage, computers and other peripherals if they wish to take their creations home for review and study.
  • Where is your privacy policy?
    Our privacy policy is here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.