Custom Creator Project

Students and Adults Welcome

Are you looking for guidance to create a custom technology project? We can provide the tools, materials and expertise to bring your project to life.

Custom Creator Projects are designed for students or adults looking to improve their portfolio for school/university applications, career or business development. 

We provide:

  • Project coaching from concept to completion
  • Materials, tools and education
  • Assistance with documentation and note keeping
  • Project presentation and public speaking guidance

Our range of tools:

  • Video game and app development
  • Website development
  • Robotics development
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino micro computer development
  • AI, neural networks and machine learning
  • 3D design and modelling
  • 3D printing

Custom projects are quoted upfront and suit any size or budget.

So what is your idea?

A solar powered gardening robot?

A website to sell 3D printed gifts?

A pet door unlocked with facial recognition?

Contact us for more information.