Junior Robotics Term 3 2024

Junior Robotics Term 3 2024

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Upper Level, 389 Victoria Avenue "Zebra Learning Centre" Chatswood, Entry Inside TenRen's Tea shop.

  • Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm from 25/7
  • Sundays 9-10am from 28/7
  • 10 weeks
  • 60 minute class time.

    Level 1, 247 Rowe St Eastwood (Enter via Hillview Ln)

    • Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm from 23/7 or
    • Fridays 3:30-4:30pm from 26/7 or
    • Saturdays 9-10am from 27/7 
    • Saturdays 11am - 12pm from 27/7
    • 10 weeks
    • 60 minute class time.

      Single classes

      • Book online, then contact us for date confirmation

      For children 7-10 years old. This popular course is great for introducing the concept of programming, robotics and machines with LEGO Education SPIKE Essential and LEGO Education WeDo 2.0.

      Participating in Junior Robotics and Coding is required for selection in Creator Academy's Junior Robotics team.

      Both SPIKE Essential and WeDo2.0 systems may be used.

      The course is comprehensively linked to the Australian National Curriculum, teaching robotics and machinery in the context of:

      • LIFE SCIENCE- life cycles, habitats, environment.
      • ENGINEERING- design projects, prototyping and testing.
      • PHYSICAL SCIENCE- forces, motion, cause & effect.
      • EARTH & SPACE- climates and weather patterns

      Benefits of the course include:

      • Investigating, modelling, and designing solutions
      • Engaging students in science by making it real and relevant
      • Basic programming skills
      • Collaboration and presentation skills
      • Critical thinking and problem solving

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