Robocup Junior Registration + Training (2 days)

Robocup Junior Registration + Training (2 days)

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Competition takes place during term 3, and requires a booking for Intermediate Robotics during the term in addition to holiday training. Find a suitable class here.

92 Lovell Rd, Eastwood

Wed 7/7 - Thu 8-7 2021, Time 9am - 12pm both days
Wed 7/7 - Thu 8-7 2021, Time 1pm - 4pm both days

    An intermediate robotics and programming course that is designed for children 9+ years old to participate in Robocup Junior. Includes registration for Robocup Junior competition in August 23 - 24 at Ryde.

    RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional, and international robotic events for young students. It is designed to introduce RoboCup to primary and secondary school children.

    Created in a true cooperative spirit, RoboCup Junior encompasses not only vital STEM skills, but extends right across a school curriculum.

    The competition also addresses social development by encouraging sportsmanship, sharing, teamwork, understanding of differences between individuals and nations, cooperation and organisational skills.

    RoboCup is an international effort whose purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined.

    As well, the initiative serves as a basis for project-oriented education. RoboCup Junior is able extend skills learnt from the classroom with a comprehensive, relevant curriculum that equips students for a future in our technology-driven world.

    There are three different challenges on offer – OnStage, Rescue, and Soccer.

    Key Learning Points:

    • Robocup Junior robot designs and strategy
    • Design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears and more
    • Build, test, troubleshoot and revise designs to improve robot performance
    • Gain practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts
    • Communicate effectively using scientific and technical language