ICode Hackathon 2022 Registration

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The ICode Hackathon is the world's largest online coding competition involving over 6 million participants from 70+ countries. Normally $131 AUD ($100 USD), CA can offer the same experience for just $55 AUD ($35 USD) as the official ICode foundation partner in Australia.

The program includes live ranking and certification, and enables students to develop their computational thinking skills. The competition divisions are as follows:

  • Years 1-3: Blockly Beginners
  • Years 4-5: Blockly Advanced
  • Years 6-7: Python Beginners
  • Years 8-10: Python Advanced

Students don't need any prior coding experience, and learn Blockly or Python depending on their year level. The competition includes an extensive learning program for total beginners, and a range of live webinars to get students familiar with the system.

Check out our first look at the ICode Hackathon student platform below.