Robocup Rescue Training Camp

Robocup Rescue Training Camp

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92 Lovell Rd, Eastwood

Wednesday 13 January - Friday 15 January 2021, Time 9am - 3pm all 3 days

Bring a water bottle and a packed lunch.

Students are required to have participated in Intermediate Robotics or Advanced Robotics before.

Students in this camp will learn the skills for the Robocup competition game rules. 

Robocup Junior Rescue & Premier Rescue Competitions mirror the real life use of robots that rescue people from life threatening situations. In Junior Rescue, robots compete by following a line on a series of tiles encountering obstacles to a designated rescue area locating and rescuing the victim from the spill. Premier rescue involves the same tiles as Junior Rescue. However, this time the robots can encounter some extra more challenging tiles. Once in the chemical spill, the Premier Rescue robot is required to find and lift the victim to the safety of a raised platform.

RoboCup Junior is an initiative that sponsors regional, state and national robotics competitions for primary and secondary school children. RoboCup Junior has experienced exponential growth with over 1000 teams taking part in Australia and New Zealand. While played in over 30 countries in the world. Encompassingnot only engineering and science and technology skills. But extending right across a school curriculum to maths, literacy, music and art. It also addresses social development by encouraging sportsmanship, sharing, teamwork, understanding differences, cooperation and also organisational skills. RoboCup Junior extends from the classroom with a comprehensive, relevant curriculum to regional, state, national and international competitions.

The competition has been developed with three levels of increasing complexity with students programming their robots to compete in Dance, Rescue and Soccer Competitions. Let your students gain an interest in science and technology by competing in one of the many regional competitions, while expanding their social, intellectual and problem solving skills and help them to develop into creative and independent adults. Contact us to find out when there will be one of the many training sessions in your region.