Autumn Creator Camp (2 days)

Autumn Creator Camp (2 days)

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 92 Lovell Rd, Eastwood

Choose to do Robotics, 3D printing or both from the drop-down menu.

Robotics Schedule

Saturday 17 April - Sunday 18 April 2021, Time 9am - 12pm

For children 9-10 years old (or 8 years old with experience in robotics and coding). This course is great for expanding their programming skills with LEGO Education robotics courses.

Scratch introduces complex coding concepts not available in previous LEGO software, such as nested loops and functions, multiple variables and multimedia features like sound and graphics editing.

This course also includes the LEGO Spike Prime hardware and an original Creator Academy curriculum to prepare students for more advanced robotics.

Benefits of the course include:

  • Investigating, modelling, and designing solutions
  • Engaging students in science by making it real and relevant
  • Programming and engineering skills
  • Fun and engaging coding activities.
  • Translate between alternate coding languages.

3D Printing Schedule

Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 April 2021, Time 1pm - 5pm

Warning: 3D printers are not toys. Students must be capable of following staff safety instructions at all times.

For children 9+ years old, this course is designed to show students the wonderful technology of 3D printing.

Using 3D printers is not like using a normal printer! There are many factors including 3D printer maintenance, temperature, control and safety that goes into making a successful 3D printed object.

This course involves usage of machine and cleaning tools that require the utmost care and cooperation from students.

Benefits of the course include:

  • Learning about 3D printing hardware and technology
  • Understanding 3D printer techniques and technical terms.
  • Learning how to safely operate and maintain a 3D printer.
  • Students may take successful (and unsuccessful!) 3D printed objects home.